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#7-003 1999-2003 Fuel Bowl Reseal Kit 7.3L

#7-003 1999-2003 Fuel Bowl Reseal Kit 7.3L

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Type of Drain Valve o-rings

Complete Fuel Bowl Seal Kit

11 Viton o-rings and 4 Parker® fuel sleeves. 3 Viton (type A) or 3 Viton (type B) or or 3 Fluorosilicone o-rings for the 7.3 yellow fuel drain valve core

  1. 1 o-ring for the drain valve stem
  2. 2 o-rings for the drain valve to bowl seals
  3. 2 o-rings for the Water-in-Fuel sensor/Fuel Heater
  4. 1 o-ring for the Fuel Pressure Regulator housing
  5. 1 o-ring for the regulator piston bushing
  6. 2 o-rings for the fuel back check piston assembly
  7. 2 o-rings for bowl plugs
  8. 2 - 1/4" sleeves for the fuel lines feeding the cylinder heads
  9. 1 - 5/16" sleeve for the fuel return line
  10. 1 - 3/8" sleeve for the fuel feed line.

NOTE: This kit does not contain the REGULATOR POPPET SEAT. This is a separate kit only available as a FORD kit. The Regulator Rebuild kit can be purchased separately as Part # 7-028.

NOTE: If you remove the fuel rail lines from the cylinder heads, this kit contains the fuel sleeves for the filter bowl ends only. It is recommended to also replace the sleeves on the cylinder head end of the fuel rail lines once they have been removed as they will no longer seal properly.  Order part # 7-004 to supplement this kit.

 Model Year 99-03 7.3L diesel. F-series / E-series.

 Choices of Types of Drain Valve o-rings SAE Specification: SAE J200

  • Black Viton bi-monometer compound-Viton (A)

           Durometer Shore: Shore A: 75 Viton, Shelf Life: Indefinite

  • Blue MilSpec M25988/2 Fluorosilicone.

           Durometer Shore: Shore A: 75 Fluorosilicone, Shelf Life: 20 years

From Parker Hannifin :

"In the automotive market, fluorosilicones are the seal material of choice for handling gasoline, E85, diesel fuel, biodiesel and ULSD at extremely low temperatures."

Select the type of compound from the buttons at the top of the page.


Differences between the black Viton (A) and the Blue Fluorosilicone fuel drain o-rings sold on this page:

  • The black Viton o-rings are polymerized from two monomers, vinylidene fluoride and hexafluoropropylene (Viton type A). The low temp flexibility of Viton(A) is -2deg F but will continue to perform well in our type of service at a much lower temperature (-20 F).

  • The Blue Fluorosilicone elastomer is a Military Specification material that has a much wider temperature range than Viton (A) or Viton (B) and is widely used where fuel contains corrisive agents that are found in ULSD. Bio and veggie fuels. They will stay flexible in artic conditions down to -70º F and can withstand temperatures in excess of 400 F.

Includes o-ring size identification comparison and location chart. Shipped with order.

Complete Fuel Bowl Rebuild Instruction Sheet - 10 Pages! :

1.5MB Adobe Acrobat File - Very Large File

You must have Adobe Acrobat reader installed on your computer to download this document.

 Item #7-003

Order of 1 is a set of 11 o-rings and 4 sleeves.


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