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Rebuild Kit for the 1999-2003 Fuel Bowl Pressure Relief Valve
The stock regulator parts will wear over time with the constant movement of the poppet within the aluminum guide sleeve. When these parts begin to become galled, the poppet will stick, causing erratic fuel pressure. Improper fuel pressures can lead to engine damage if not corrected.
Our trucks do not have any built in sensors that can determine what the fuel pressure is at any time. Without an external Fuel Pressure Gauge that you can monitor while driving, you would not know if your fuel regulator is working properly. If you can not monitor your fuel pressure, we recommend replacing these regulator working parts every 100,000 miles.

The FPR Rebuild Kit contains the following items:
  • Fuel Poppet (brass piston)
  • Fuel Poppet seat (Regulator seat)
  • Fuel Poppet guide
  • Fuel Popptt guide o-ring
  • FPR housing o-ring
  • Fuel Poppet spring
Genuine Navistar Kit - F81Z-9B249-BB

We are beginning to see some FPR rebuild kits offered on eBay and Amazon that supply a new FPR poppet valve. These poppet valves are from a 6.0L Ford engine and not the 7.3L engines where the fuel systems work quite differently. The Ford 7.3L engine FPR poppet has a small pressure relief hole in the end of the poppet to allow the fuel pressure to drain down when the engine is shut off. Without this relief hole, the fuel system remains pressured up, causing potential damage to your injectors and can cause fuel system leaks when parked. We also see kits for sale in these same venues that sell FPR springs that will overpressure your system and cause leakage and injector damage.

With these items beginning to appear on the internet, it is obvious that we have some very unscrupulous sellers that are offering products that will damage your fuel system and they know nothing about the mechanical operation of the vehicle that they are selling these items for.
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