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#14-007 IPR RE-SEAL KIT 94-03 7.3L DIESEL

#14-007 IPR RE-SEAL KIT 94-03 7.3L DIESEL

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IPR Re-Seal kit
New o-rings (2), split backup washer, spacer and nut for the IPR valve that is installed in the High Pressure Oil Pump. OEM kit with PTFE coated Nitrile O-rings.
For 1994-2003 7.3L Ford Diesel Powerstrokes
Internal o-rings can get worn and have high pressure oil leak by and cause rough idle and poor performance. You may not need a new IPR valve, just replace the worn out o-rings
Is Your Spacer and Nut in Good Condition?
SAVE $$ and just buy the o-rings
Servicing the IPR that is located on the back of the High Pressure Oil Pump can be a dirty job. As soon as you pull the IPR, oil begins to drain from the reservoir and pump, filling your engine valley with oil.

Here is a plug that will make the job easier with little or no cleanup afterwards. This plug will tightly seal the IPR opening with no additional loss of oil into the engine valley. Simply push it in and pull it back out when you are ready to re-install the IPR after servicing it.
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Manufactured in the USA

(F6TZ-9C977-AN, F6TZ9C977AN, 1825806C91)
Item # 14-007

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