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1994 - 1997 RotoMaster Non-Exhaust Back Pressure*
Turbo Pedestal - E and F series
Leaking EBP actuator? Eliminate the EBPV system that is prone to oil leakage with this blank RotoMaster pedestal. This pedestal is a direct replacement that will fit in place of your factory pedestal. 
Includes pedestal to turbo bolts and pedestal o-rings.

RotoMaster - A1382214N
*Offroad applications only

Elimination of the EBP system on the pedestal will leave the electrical connector for the EBP solenoid abandoned. When the PCM attempts to engage the EBP valve, it will store a soft code since it no longer can find the solenoid.
This soft code can be eliminated buy simply bending the axial leads of a resistor so it will plug into the abandoned electrical connector. It can be trimmed and bent over on the plug and wrapped with electrical tape. This resistor will fool the PCM into believing it is still controlling the EBP solenoid.
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