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#9-011 GARRETT'S TURBO RE-INSTALL KIT - 1994.5 - 1997

#9-011 GARRETT'S TURBO RE-INSTALL KIT - 1994.5 - 1997

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Garrett 10 piece kit for re-installing your 94.5-97 stock TP38 Turbo and is a must have whenever you remove the turbo, replace the compressor wheel or simply perfoming turbo maintenance.

  • Metric grade 10.9 Flange Bolts 

The kit comes complete with four Flange Bolts and two flange nuts that are metric grade 10.9, zinc coated. The metric grade 10.9 specification is a hard bolt material that will stand up to the rigors of traversing rough terrain while holding the turbo in place tightly without stretching the bolt threads. This is the same flange bolt design that comes as original equipment.

NOTE: Kits that contain standard machine bolts with washers allow enough movement that the bolts can loosen over time.

This kit has the standard gasket and 3 o-rings, 2 turbo pedestal o-rings and the turbo outlet o-ring.

Only includes 2 of the pedestal o-rings, not a full set - Order Part #9-003 for a full set of pedestal o-rings

Item #9-011

OPTION AVAILABLE: TP-38 Main compressor housing o-ring for the 94 1/2 - 97  - Garrett part # 403069-0197 (Item 9-012). O-ring for the seal between the main compressor housing and compressor back plate. If your housing o-ring is damaged or broken, boost will be severely compromised leading to higher EGTs and low performance.

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