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#9-001 - CPS O-RING

#9-001 - CPS O-RING

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1 Viton o-ring to replace the Camshaft/Crankshaft Position Sensor o-ring.

When removing the CPS, due to the heat of the engine, the old o-ring will be flat and will not seal properly if re-installed. This metric o-ring is sized to properly seal the CPS to the engine.

Durometer Shore: Shore A: 90 Viton

SAE Specification: SAE J200

Model Year 94-03 7.3L diesel


Instruction Sheet: No printed instructions included with this item.

Remove the old o-ring and install the new o-ring dry for storage. Prior to CPS installation, coat the o-ring area with fresh motor oil.

 Item #9-001

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