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HPOP Discharge Hose fittings
This is the fitting for the High Pressure Oil Pump hose connection at the High Pressure Pump. When you remove your hose, closely inspect the small wire ring clip at the top of the fitting.
 The small wire ring latch clip at the top of the fittings have known to corrode and break when the hose is removed. To fully restore you old fitting, we offer a hose fitting rebuild kit for both the hose fittings at the engine and at the pump. See items 8-028 and 8-029.
The fitting is a genuine Ford/Navistar part. We include 1 package of LocTite 680 sealing compound with each order of 1 or 2 fittings. The LocTite 680 is required to properly seal the fitting into the pump. Apply the compound on the first 3 threads of the fitting and allow at least 3 hours cure time prior to attempting to restart the engine. The threads on both the pump and the fitting must be cleaned with Brake Clean so there is no oil film prior to applying the LocTite compound.

HPOP Discharge fitting replacement Instruction Sheet:Download PDF file Here.

 You must have Adobe Acrobat reader installed on your computer to download this document.
Order of 1 = 1 fitting and 1 packet of LocTite 680
Order of 2 = 2 fittings and 1 packet of LocTite 680
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