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#8-017 HPOP RESERVOIR GASKET 1996 - Early 1999

#8-017 HPOP RESERVOIR GASKET 1996 - Early 1999

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HPOP Reservoir Gasket 1996 - Early 1999
Gasket for the HPOP reservoir to the front engine cover.  For model years 1996 to 1999.5 only.
Warning! Do not attempt to a screened gasket in place of a reservoir that currently has a non-screened gasket as it can damage the reservoir case. If you have a 1999 model Van, Pickup or Excursion, check to see which gasket you have before ordering this part.

If this is what the top of your HPOP reservoir looks like with no interior ridge flange on the right side of the photo, then you need the screened reservoir gasket #8-018. If there is a gasket channel on the right side, the same type of gasket channel that you can see on the left side, then you require the non-screened gasket # 8-017.

Order of 1 is 1 HPOP reservoir gasket.

Item #8-017

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