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Oil Level Gauge Adapter Repair Kit
NEW Revision IV
A full repair kit for the adapter that is located on the passenger's side of the oil pan where the dip stick tube is connected to the oil pan.
This kit will fit all 7.3L Ford diesels from 1994 to 2003 and the engine oil pan does not have to be removed.
Note: If you have tried to tighten up your flange adapter's large 2" nut, this may have bent the interior part of the flange adapter where the new O-ring and seal may not be able to fully contact the interior on the oil pan. If this condition exists, follow the instructions to fully seal the interior and exterior of the oil pan with the Permatex Gasket Maker..
Parts and tools included with the kit:

  1. Permatex Gasket Maker Flange sealant 3.35oz
  2. Galley Brush
  3. Oil level gauge adapter gasket
  4. Viton Oil level gauge adapter interior O-ring
  5. Genuine Ford silicone Dip stick tube O-ring
  6. Oil level flange nut
 WARNING: Do not use the Super Lube O-ring Lube on the Ford DIpstick o-ring, only use motor oil for lubrication on this o-ring.

Revised Oil Level Gauge Adapter Instruction Sheet:

Download PDF file Here.

Here is one customer's YouTube video and review on our kit

Order of 1 is one complete repair kit
Item # 8-011

External Thread Restorer File Tool

When the old internal O-ring begins to swell and pushes itself out of the groove in the adapter, it puts enormous pressures on the adapter’s threads, stretching and distorting them to the point that the new nut is difficult to install. You will need to hold the adapter solidly to clean and straighten the thread. We have found that by using a set of needle nose vise grips inserting into the dipstick tube opening does a good job at this.

If you do not have access to a #16 External Thread Restorer File, we sell a multiple thread pitch file located in the upper right corner of this page or we have them listed in our shop supplies section. It is highly recommended to have one of these tools before attempting the repair to straighten the distorted threads on the internal adapter.
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