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Replacement "non-serviceable" Long Threaded Plug 1994.5 - 2003
 If your "non-serviceable" plug at the bottom of the HPOP is leaking, it is probably due to the factory short threaded plug has stripped the threads from the aluminum HPOP body.

Please note that this plug is slightly longer than the original plug found in the 1994.5-1995 pumps but does not interfere with the operation of the pump in any way.
The replacement plug is a 'long threaded" plug made from high quality 303 Stainless Steel and is machined to the exacting Navistar standards exclusively for This plug can successfully repair a HPOP "non-serviceable" plug that has completely stripped out the factory threads.

To service this plug, the HPOP must be removed from the engine. A new gasket must be used to reseal the HPOP to the front engine cover. Order a new gasket by using the checkbox above.
1994.5-1995.5 2 Chamber HPOP Gasket
1996-2003 3 Chamber HPOP Gasket

The Serviceable plug comes with a new o-ring and a .5ml packet of LocTite 680 Retaining Compound. Manufactured by
Made in the USA.

HPOP "New Serviceable Plug" replacement Instruction Sheet:Download PDF file Here.

 You must have Adobe Acrobat reader installed on your computer to download this document.

Before removing the HPOP, most find it necessary to remove the fuel canister on the 99-03 7.3L to give more room to work on the pump. If the fuel canister is removed, the 4 hard lines will require new sealing sleeves as these are not reusable and will leak if attempted to be reused.

We recommend purchasing the 7-003 Fuel bowl reseal kit that contains the 4 new sleeves for these fittings.

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