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#8-006 OIL RAIL DRAIN PLUG O-RINGS 1994-2003 7.3L

#8-006 OIL RAIL DRAIN PLUG O-RINGS 1994-2003 7.3L

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Head Oil Rail Drain Plug O-rings

There are 4 oil rail drain plugs - 2 on each head.

When removing injectors for servicing or replacement, the oil rails should be drained prior to removing the injector. This will prevent the oil rail contents from draining into the cylinder and causing hydrolock and possible damage to the engine.

The cylinder will still require evacuation of any coolant and/or oil before cranking the engine after servicing the injectors.

The Allen hex headed plugs should be removed but using a socketed Allen wrench on a short extension. Insert the Allen wrench into the head and give the extension a few taps with a hammer to assure that the wrench is fully seated in the plug and to help break the plug threads loose from the head.

Model Year 94-03 7.3L diesel

Color: Black

Drain Plug O-rings:
Durometer Shore: Shore A: 90 Viton

Specification: SAE J200


Order quantity of 1 for each package of 4 o-rings.

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