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#8-004 - 7.3L CCV O-RINGS

#8-004 - 7.3L CCV O-RINGS

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2 Viton replacement o-rings for the Crankcase Vent cap on the top of the left valve cover and 2 Viton sealing o-rings for the hold down bolts.

Order of 1 is a set of 4 o-rings.

The doghouse bolt o-rings are manufactured from a harder, durometer 90 Viton o-ring to keep the o-ring from tearing when tightening the doghouse down along with greater strength to resist the corrosive agents found in the crankcase gases.

Color: Black

Durometer Shore: Shore A: 90 Viton

SAE Specification: SAE J200

Model years 94.5-03 7.3L diesel


 Item #8-004

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