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#8-002 Basic 7 O-ring HPOP reseal kit

#8-002 Basic 7 O-ring HPOP reseal kit

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HPOP 7 O-ring reseal kit
All of our O-rings are Made in the USA!

High Pressure Oil Pump O-ring kit contains 7 Viton o-rings and a packet of Loctite 680 retaining compound. Ford's Factory part# is 2C3Z-9G804-AA only has 3 o-rings (2 discharge hoses for 1999 to 2003 and rear plug for 1994.5 - 2003) and retails for more than twice this price.


  •  TWO o-rings for the discharge hose fitting on the 1999 -2003 7.3L
  • Rear Plug o-ring


  •  The o-ring that seals the IPR to the HPOP 
  •  The o-ring needed for the fill plug at the top of the reservoir
  •  TWO o-rings for the inside of the high pressure hose connectors that seal the hose to the pump (99-03 ONLY)

Order quantity of 1 for each package of 7 o-rings and 1 - .5ml of Locktite 680.
Model Year 94-03 E-F-series 7.3L diesel

Please download this Instruction Sheet:

HPOP O-ring replacement:Download PDF file Here.

Before removing the HPOP, it is necessary to remove the fuel canister on the 99-03 7.3L. The 4 hard lines will require new sealing sleeves as these are not reusable and will leak if attempted to be reused.

We recommend purchasing the 7-003 Fuel bowl reseal kit that contains the 4 new sleeves for these fittings.

HPOP Quick Release Tool

The High Pressure Oil Pump hoses on the 1999-2003 Ford 7.3 diesels have a quick release style of hose end that requires a special tool to disconnect the hoses from the pump and the head fittings. Some have used screwdrivers to release the connection but it is easy to damage the hose without the proper tool.

You can easily add this tool to your order along with the HPOP kit by adding it to your cart using the check box above.

LEAKING "non-serviceable plug"? Now it is SERVICEABLE!
If your "non-serviceable" plug at the bottom of the HPOP is leaking, it is probably due to the short threaded plug stripping the threads from the aluminum HPOP body. We now offer a new 'long threaded" plug made from high quality 303 stainless steel . This plug can sucessfully repair a HPOP "non-serviceable" plug that has completely stripped out the factory threads.
Add this kit to your order by adding it to your cart using the check box above.

HPOP Engine Mounting Gasket
The HPOP must be removed to replace the "non-serviceable" plug and the HPOP to front engine cover is not reuseable.
1996-2003 3 Chamber HPOP Gasket
1994.5-1995.5 2 Chamber HPOP Gasket

Order a new Ford/Navistar gasket by adding it to your cart by using the check box choices above.

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