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Fuel Bowl Heater Element
Heating element for the 1999-2003 7.3L Powerstroke

    Genuine Ford Navistar Fuel Bowl Heater element packaged with 2 new stainless steel hold down screws. Not an aftermarket heater that is manufactured in China.

    Contains diagram of heater placement in fuel bowl. For further instructions on removal and installation, refer to the heater section of the fuel bowl rebuild instructions: PDF file to rebuilding your entire fuel bowl.
    99-01 Ford Powerstroke: Is your #30 30amp fuse blown, no WTS dash indicater lamp? Chances are you old style heating element has shorted out and taken the fuse with it. This 30 amp fuse also powers the ECM and the truck will not start without it. You can temporarly get by with unplugging the electrical connector from the fuel bowl and replace the 30amp fuse until your new heating element arrives.
    2002 & 2003 Powerstrokes are equipped with the new style and normally will not experience this problem.
    Ford part # F81Z-9J294-AA
    Item # 7-016
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