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Type of Drain Valve O-rings
E99 or Late 99-03 Turbo Re-Install Kit

"Mechanics Parts Cabinet" Combo kit for common Fuel and Oil repairs 1999-2003
All of our O-rings are Made in the USA!

34 o-rings and 6 Parker fuel sleeves! A $87 value!

We have put together this "Emergency Roadside Repair kit" that every owner of a 99-03 7.3L should keep in their toolbox. Eventually, the 7.3 will develop a fuel or oil leak. It's one of those "not if but when" scenarios with the 7.3. Rather than having to run around town, hoping the dealer has the parts you need or be stranded on the side of the road in a desolate area that the tow-truck driver can not even find you, be prepared and have the parts on hand. Don't worry about the o-rings drying out or cracking, The shelf-life of DuPont Viton is forever, they won't go bad from air, heat, sunshine or time. 

What this kit includes:

A full set of Turbo pedestal o-rings (4), both upper and lower
GTP38 turbo outlet o-ring HPOP outlet fittings (4) o-rings, both internal and external
HPOP rear plug o-ring HPOP reservoir fill plug o-ring
IPR to HPOP body o-ring Head oil rail o-rings (8) for oil rail plugs, ICP or cross-over line
HPOP Hose to head internal o-rings (2) Loctite 608 retaining compound (.5ml packet for HPOP and oil rail)
GTP38 EBPV solenoid o-rings (2) GTP38 EBPV piston backplate o-ring
New Garrett EBPV pushrod clip Fuel Drain Valve core o-rings (2) Viton(A) or Fluorosilicone
Fuel Drain Valve Stem o-ring (1) Fuel Filter Check Valve o-rings (2)
Fuel Bowl Heater/water in fuel sensor o-rings (2) Fuel Bowl plug o-rings (2)
Fuel Bowl return relief valve o-ring Fuel Bowl relief valve piston bushing o-ring
Sleeve gaskets for the fuel rail lines, both ends (4) Sleeve gasket for the fuel return line
Sleeve gasket for the main fuel feed line Turbo mounting bolts (2)
O-ring size identification and location charts Downloadable HPOP outlet repair instruction sheet
Downloadable Fuel Bowl repair instruction sheet

Please note that the base combo kit contains the basic 8-002 HPOP kit, not the extended kit.  To upgrade to the extended kit, select the  8-002ex HPOP kit in the HPOP Kit dropdown.

The extended HPOP kit includes:

1. The O-ring that seals the IPR to the HPOP.
2. IPR internal seal O-ring and split washer (full IPR reseal kit).
3. The O-ring needed for the fill plug at the top of the reservoir.
4. TWO O-rings for the inside of the high pressure hose connectors that seal the hose to the pump.
5. TWO O-rings for the HPOP fitting threads.
6. TWO interior hose fitting PTFE backup spacer rings.
7. TWO hose fittings stainless steel hose locking rings.
8. O-ring for the Black bypass nut (top front of the pump)
9. O-ring for the pressure port plug on the passenger's side front of the pump.
10. Packet of LocTite 680 to seal the hose fittings and rear plug in the pump.
11. O-ring for the 18mm plug on the rear of the pump.

* Choices of Types of Drain Valve o-rings

  • Black Viton Type A
  • Blue MilSpec M25988/2 Fluorosilicone.

Note on the Fluorosilicone Option: 

Fuel Drain Valve o-rings: A set of 2 High Quality Fluorosilicone MilSpec M25988/2 (FVMQ) O-rings for the Fuel in Water drain valve and 1 Viton O-ring for the valve stem. For the drain valves on both the 1994.5-1997 trucks and vans along with the 1999-2003 trucks and vans.

Black Viton Type A The black Viton o-rings are polymerized from two monomers, vinylidene fluoride and hexafluoropropylene (Viton type A). The low temp flexibility of Viton(A) is -2deg F but will continue to perform well in our type of service at a much lower temperature (-20 F)


Blue Fluorosilicone The Blue Fluorosilicone elastomer is a Military Specification material that has a much wider temperature range than Viton (A) or Viton (B) and is widely used where fuel contains corrosive agents that are found in ULSD. Bio and veggie fuels. They will stay flexible in arctic conditions down to -70º F and can withstand temperatures in excess of 400 F.

Parker From Parker Hannifin :

"In the automotive market, fluorosilicones are the seal material of choice for handling gasoline, E85, diesel fuel, biodiesel and ULSD at extremely low temperatures."


Instruction Sheet Fuel Bowl: Download PDF file Here 1.5 MB Adobe Acrobat file (very large)

Instruction Sheet HPOP: Download PDF file Here.

HPOP "New Serviceable Plug" replacement Instruction Sheet: Download PDF file Here.

You must have Adobe Acrobat reader installed on your computer to download these documents. 


Cylinder Head Quick Disconnect Hose Fitting Repair Kit Qty-2 1999-2003

This kit will replace all of the wear parts found on these hose fittings located on the engine's cylinder head.

Serviceable Plug:

If your "non-serviceable" plug at the bottom of the HPOP is leaking, it is probably due to the short threaded plug stripping the threads from the aluminum HPOP body. We now offer a new 'long threaded" plug made form high quality 303 stainless steel that when added to this kit is discounted from the regular price for only $26.38.

Bosch has been manufacturing their new pumps with a "long threaded plug" for the last 2 1/2 to 3 years, thereby acknowledging the engineering defect that they have had on these pumps.
This plug can successfully repair a HPOP "non-serviceable" plug that has completely stripped out the factory threads.

Add this kit by using the check box at the top of the page.


HPOP Mounting Gasket:

When replacing the "non-serviceable" plug the HPOP must be removed from the engine. The HPOP to front engine cover gasket is not considered to be reuseable and it's highly recommended to replace it.

Order a new Genuine Ford/Navistar gasket by using the check box at the top of the page.

HPOP Quick Release Tool
The HPOP hoses on the 1999-2003 Ford 7.3 diesels have a quick release style of hose end that requires a special tool to disconnect the hoses from the pump and the head fittings. Some have used screwdrivers to release the connection but it is easy to damage the hose without the proper tool.You can easily add this tool to your order along with the HPOP kit by using the check box at the top of the page.

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