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GTP-38/TP-38 360° Turbo Rebuild Kit
This kit comes with all of the necessary parts to rebuild the journal bearing assembly in
both the1994.5-1998 TP-38 turbos and the 1999-2003 GTP-38 turbos.

Parts included in this kit include:
Backplate o-ring
Compressor side oil seal
Turbine side oil seal
4 bolts for the main housing
Thrust collar
One set of pedestal o-rings
TP-38/Early 99 turbo outlet o-ring
TP-38/Early 99 compressor housing o-ring

Optional parts that can be added to this rebuild kit by selecting the options from above.

Turbo reinstall kit for the 1999-2003 GTP-38 turbos that include:
2 turbo to pedestal mounting bolts
Turbo outlet o-ring
Exhaust backpressure actuator and solenoid o-rings
EBPV rod clip
Full set of pedestal o-rings both upper and lower

Compressor Housing o-ring (large o-ring between the main housing and backplate 99 1/2 - 2003 only)

Complete Bolt replacement kits.  It is recommended to replace the:

a. (4) 12 point bolts that mount the exhaust housing to the center cartridge
b. (5) 12 point bolts that mount the compressor housing to the aluminum flat back plate.
c. (7) - 12 point bolts that fasten the EBPV housing to the turbine housing.
You can add these bolts to your order by using the check boxes at the top of this page.


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Turbo removal instructions by Garrett:  
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