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Genuine International Bellowed Up Pipes
International Part# 1837872C93
(Contiguous US)
(Continental US ONLY - Alaska, Hawaii and PR may have additional freight charges,)
Fix your leaking Ford factory up pipes with a set of International Bellowed Up Pipes for the 1999 1/2 to 2003 7.3's ONLY.  The original Ford and International design attempts to use an exhaust type of gasket to allow the lower pipe to slip in and out of the joint to allow for expansion and contraction of the up pipe. This constant movement rapidly wears on the metal pipe, reducing the outside diameter until there is enough clearance for exhaust gases to escape. This will cause an increase in Exhaust Gas Temperatures along with reduced turbo efficiency costing you fuel mileage.
These up pipes will not work on the early 99 engines without extensive intake modifications.
Don't be fooled by some sellers that use the International part number or give you the impression that they are selling the Genuine International pipes but are actually selling the cheap Chinese knock-off up pipe kit.

Notice that the International bellows have 17 folds exposed where the Chinese only have 10. The fewer folds will cause the bellows to become metal fatigued in a short time and crack.
Also notice the quality of the welding on the bellows. With the thinner tubing metal and inferior cast iron, don't waste your money on the foreign made up-pipes.
The up pipes have been manufactured with dents to allow clearances between the engine, transmision bellhousing and firewall to keep them from causing rattles while on rough roads. These dents are not defects or caused by shipping damage.
For the late 99 through 2003 E-series and F series up to and including the F-500 pickups.

 The kit includes 2 up pipes, accumulator, accumulator gaskets, up pipe to accumulator bolts and manifold bolts.  The easiest way to install the up pipes with the engine in the bay is to remove the turbo and wheel well skirts. It is HIGHLY recommended to add the TURBO REINSTALL KIT to your order to get a new set of turbo pedestal o-rings, bolts and related parts to do this job correctly. Add the remount kit by using the check box at the top of the page.

 International's Installation Instructions Link to "Pocket's" Installation Writeup
 Item # 14-099

GTP38R High Performance Ball Bearing
*FREE SHIPPING  A fantastic performance enhancement combination with the International Up pipes     


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