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Air Intake Billet Plenum Reinforcement Inserts
1999 1/2 - 2003 Ford 7.3
The factory plenums are made from stamped and formed steel. They are satisfactory for normal use but are easily kinked and crushed if the intake boots are over tightened. This is a common occurrence when boots become oily from the crankcase vent oils being pulled through the air intake system and you give the boots just a little more to keep them from popping off.

The plenum reinforcement inserts are made from billet 6061 Aluminum by Riffraff Diesel Performance and are Made in the USA. The inserts allow you to clamp down as hard as needed with T-bolt clamps so that you don't have any boost leaks. This is a budget friendly option to buying full billet plenums. Easy install, no special tools needed.

These were designed so as to add the least restriction possible while providing more than adequate structure for clamping.  The Plenum Inserts have been machined to within .164" of the OEM diameter so there will not be any measurable affect on EGT's or flow.

  1. 1. Remove the turbo outlet chamber and 4 intake boots
  2. 2. Hand fit the tapered end of the plenum insert into the factory plenum and place a rag into the plenum to catch any debris from falling into the intake during installation
  3. 3. Using a soft faced mallet, gently tap the insert into the plenum until the plenum insert lip contacts the factory plenum
  4. 4. If there is any debris in the intake that has been captured by the shop rag, use a shop vac to clean it out and then remove the shop rag.
  5. 5. Reinstall the intake boots (clean them with soap and water if oil saturated)
  6. 6. Install the turbo outlet chamber and reconnect to the turbo. 

t-bolt clamps
With the reinforced plenum inserts, you can throw out the flimsy worm gear factory clamps that were designed to limit the torque that could be applied to the plenums and replace them with these stainless steel t-bolt clamps. The t-bolt clamps will eliminate any possibility of boost leaks from the lower plenum boots.
A set of 4 3" clamps will replace the lower intake worm gear factory clamps. Order these clamps from the checkbox above.
WARNING: Do not uses these clamps on the plenums without the plenum reinforcing inserts or plenum damage will occur.
Order of 1 is 1 set (pair) of inserts
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