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#14-028 GARRETT TURBO PEDESTAL NON-EBPV Early 1999 700296-0007

#14-028 GARRETT TURBO PEDESTAL NON-EBPV Early 1999 700296-0007

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Non-EBPV Pedestal for Early 1999  E and F Series
700296-0007 GTP38 or GTP38R Turbo**


Exhaust Back Pressure Valve actuator rod leaking? This is the most common use of the Non-EBPV pedestal, just eliminate the EBPV altogether or if you are upgrading to a Garrett GTP38R, this pedestal manufactured by Garrett is a simple drop-in solution.
Garrett Part# 700296-0007

**Offroad applications only
It is always recommended to use new turbo pedestal o-rings when ever reinstalling the turbo.
 exhaust outlet
If you are planning to eliminate the factory EBPV pedestal, you will still have to "gut" the exhaust housing to remove the Back Pressure Valve from the exhaust port or you can replace the exhaust port with a non-EBPV outlet also from Garrett. Just add it with the checkbox at the top of this page.
The 12 point bolts that connect the turbo downpipe adapter to the exhaust housing have a reputation of stretching and loose their ability to hold tightly with age. Garrett recommends never reusing the 12 point bolts that have been used on cast iron. Used bolts will unscrew themselves and will lead to severe boost loss, higher EGTs and possible damage to the turbo. It is recommended to replace these bolts when installing a new exhaust downpipe adapter.

The torque spec for the 12 point bolt is 185-215 lbs-in and Garrett instructs to use anti-seize compound on the new bolts.
 fooler resistor
Elimination of the EBP system on the pedestal will leave the electrical connector for the EBP solenoid abandoned. When the PCM attempts to engage the EBP valve, it will store a soft code since it no longer can find the solenoid.

This soft code can be eliminated buy simply bending the axial leads of a resistor so it will plug into the abandoned electrical connector. It can be trimmed and bent over on the plug and wrapped with electrical tape. This resistor will fool the PCM into believing it is still controlling the EBP solenoid.

You can add one of the resistors to you order by checking the checkbox at the top of this page or ordering it separately.
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