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#6-047 FUEL BOWL HOSE KIT 1994.5-1997

#6-047 FUEL BOWL HOSE KIT 1994.5-1997

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This kit contains the 2 hoses between the fuel pump and the Fuel Bowl, 1 hose for the return line connected to the Fuel Pressure Regulator and the one hose for the fuel supply hard line connection to the fuel pump.

If you are using this kit for the older 1994.5 - 1995.5 Fuel Bowl that has the hose between the bottom of the Bowl to the Regulator, you will need to add the #6-021 hose to this kit with the checkbox above.

    • Working Pressure    300 psi
    • Burst Pressure min: 1200 psi
    • Color: Blue
    • Operating Temperature Range: -40oF to +300oF


Picture Courtesy lossscause

Order of 1 is 4 hi-temp fuel hoses and 8 clamps

Item# 6-047


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