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#14-058 EXHAUST BACK PRESSURE TUBE 5-12-97 -- END 1997

#14-058 EXHAUST BACK PRESSURE TUBE 5-12-97 -- END 1997

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1997 (From 5/12/97 to End 1997) NON-CALI
Exhaust Back Pressure Tube
This stainless steel tube runs between the passenger's exhaust manifod and the EBP Sensor mounted on the front of the HPOP reservour. WIth age the tube will plug with soot and can rust or break apart. The EBP sensor system feeds data to the PCM which effects many of the fueling tables within the PCM and should be kept in good working order to acheive your best fuel economy.

This tube will only work on Non-California model engines.
For the 5/12/1997 through End 1997 Models
Is this your EPB Tube?
This tube has 2 long straight runs of tubing. One is 3 3/4" and the other has 3".
Order of 1 = 1 EBP sensor tube

Item # 14-058
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