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The Driven Diesel Fuel Tank / Pre-Pump Kit (commonly referred to as the "Hutch Mod") is the first step in the fuel system upgrade process. This kit includes all of the parts necessary to eliminate "air leaks" in the fuel circuit before the electric fuel pump (suction side) and add additional fuel filtration. Air in diesel fuel causes noisy operation and can damage the fuel injectors. This kit fits both the Super Duty Trucks and Excursions.

This kit includes:
• Extended Fuel Tank Pickup Tube *
• Extended Fuel Tank Return Tube *
• 15' New Gates 3/8" Fuel Line From Tank to Pump
• Optional 25' of Hose Total (see note below)
• High Quality Spin-On Filter Head
• Baldwin Fuel Filter / Water Separator **
• Driven Diesel Heavy Duty S.S. Custom Filter Mount **
• Complete Hardware Package including All Fittings, Nuts, Bolts and Washers
• Installation Instructions

NOTE: Some CAB AND CHASSIS trucks may require more than our standard 15' of hose. If you are using this kit on a C&C truck with a "behind the axle" fuel tank, please take a measurement from the fuel tank to the fuel pump (along the frame, the way the hose would route) and confirm whether the standard 15' hose length will work for you, or if you need the longer 25' length.

This kit is only rated for B20 Bio-Diesel. This is primarily due to the B20 rating Baldwin places on their filters and not the hose we've chosen to use. We are not aware of any appropriate pre-pump style filters that will work with higher concentrations of Bio-Diesel. If you are running Bio-Diesel, please be mindful of your filter service intervals and periodically check your hoses for signs of damage from the fuel.

NOTE: We DO NOT OFFER this kit without the filter due to lack of interest from customers and the high importance of a quality pre-pump filter.

VAN OWNERS LOOK HERE!!! : This kit was not designed to fit the E-Series Van due to the different configuration of the fuel tank. The van fuel tank has a baffled pan around the pickup assembly that interferes with the extended return, and the installation instructions were written for a Pickup/Excursion. If you wish to use this kit in your van, you will NOT be able to use the extended return tube, and your installation may differ somewhat from the instructions due to the location of the van fuel tank and differences in the van frame (the kit does fit). If you have an extended length van, or you simply want to be sure you won't have any issues, we recommend ordering the optional longer hose length, as the vans have the fuel tank behind the rear axle like the cab and chassis trucks do. Also, van fuel tanks have a liner in them that is notorious for a condition called "Delamination". Delamination is a problem with the fuel tank and has nothing to do with the installation of this product. If you purchase this kit and install it in a van, you are doing so with the understanding that any issues with tank delamination are not the responsibility of Driven Diesel or Strictly Diesel or DieselOrings.

* - We make every attempt possible to source and use as much U.S. made product/material as we possibly long as doing so doesn't sacrifice the quality of the final product. Items marked with a * above have been modified or assembled by U.S. workers in a U.S. shop. Items marked with ** above were ENTIRELY produced from U.S. material, in U.S. shops, by U.S. workers. We can't always control where every component of one of our products comes from, but you count on us to keep looking for ways to increase the % of American Made parts and materials in the products that we produce.

Balwin BF1212 Fuel Filter:  Filter Design Spin-On, Fuel/Water Separator Spin-On with Drain, Micron Rating 20, Height 7 7/16 in, Length 7 7/16 in, Width 3 11/16 in, Outside Dia. 3 11/16 in.

(Contiguous US)

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